Golden Blood

Spiral beams, sparkly eyes, tender kisses, hazing sounds crying out my name, is all that peregrinated within my little brain. Sorry its not the reality by my brain in a deep dream, a dream for a lifetime and by lifetime i mean eternity.

I’m alive, yes am alive because of you. Your golden bloody hands wiped away all my tears. Tremendous gleams of light shines brighter coming out of your nailed hands. How your amazing Grace is enough for me.

Death no long lives, death is dead, life is alive, alive is Christ, Christ is my redeemer, my redeemer is my God, my God is my Father and i am his Son. He is the KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS AND THEE IS THE MOST HIGH. The Most High God

Godly you are, but in the manger your were born.
Holy you are, but in between robbers you were crucified.
Ever-loving you are, but hatred is all you received.
Life giver, but Death is all you got in return.
In the Grave you were buried, but in three days the stone was rolled over,
and yes He LIVES forever i proclaim, My God is Alive.

I am no longer me, for me is no more but Christ in me . Golden is my Heart. Velvet is my skin. Silk is my hair. Honey is my words. Hypnoses is my look. Skilled is me. A Prince i am in God’s kingdom, and yeah i am a fisher of Men

Lugubrious hearts and lost souls are my prey. From one throw, thousands of souls and millions of hearts hung unto my fishing hook. From eternal lake of fire they are rescued, to eternal life they are brought to. Washed in the golden blood, and covered in God’s love.

Written By: Darchy arts


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