Scars Of The Lamb’s Heart


Nobody thought that this glimpse of light would light up the whole country of which was covered under the shadows of the most melancholic, lugubrious days.
Such horrific days that even caused the darkness to run away from its own shadow.
Nobody! Nobody was there to be trusted.
People murdering their own kind, their own blood, and their own species.
INNOCENT LIVES! Perished at a snap of a finger from the works of their own mankind, families, brothers.

I am just a kid, born 5 years after my country had passed from the shadow of the valley of death.
The history of my country tormented my heart day and night.
A smile on my face was hard to detect during the commemoration.
for Christ’s sake I am born 5 years after the incident,
them people who passed through that valley and managed to survive
stands besides me, with golden smiles and ruby clear hearts.

And that is called HOPE.

Am talking about the HOPE that made the wild flowers grow from the wilderness clothed in royal colors.
The HOPE that paved way, where seemed to be no way
The HOPE that crowned the sky with the breath taking colorful bow
The HOPE that has nurtured my Rwanda, Our Rwanda from 1994 up to now
The HOPE that our country has built its foundation and corners that still stand unshaken

Some of Our ancestors were born to kill, the survivors were left to tell
but us the new generation!
we are born to change and make history.
Let’s remember the Genocide against the Tutsi; Fighting its Ideology and Standing firm on our achievements. “Twibuke Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, turwanya ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside, dushiyigikira ibyiza twagezeho

Rwanda, the scars on your heart will forever be remembered!
your beloved children will forever remain in our hearts! I only know a few of them,
but I believe that you listening to me you know many!
Altogether we are one!

Let’s remember as we fight against Genocide Ideology.
Let’s fight against Genocides, ideology in one body knitted in unity.
With unity let’s stand firm on our achievements.
Never Again GENOCIDE!

Written By: Darchy Arts


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