The Spoken Truth

Hello world
what mood are you in?

Let’s take a time and reflect on the most treasurable times we had. I might have not been there to share them with you, but I shared them with some other people who also hold a place on this Planet EARTH.
These sweet memories are all branched on the tree that has sprouted from the finest, soil, rich in Love.

Hey! I seriously don’t want to see you all pale and sad.
Americans, Africans, Asians, Australians, Europeans we are still one.  The scientists, who mark differences among us, such as skin tone and so much more, still call us members of the same species. Stop the fighting, why you got to hate on your family. People we are still Homo-sapiens. We are One species..

The same way you enjoy seeing differences in your  ”SQUAD” and joining them together to make a fun click, Why can’t you do it now with the differences of our amazing continents. Why is it so hard to hold hands but find it easy to hold guns?

I don’t know you, and you don’t know me but what I know is that what makes us is one. However much different the genetic materials in us are, they still make one thing. You call it SPECIES but I call it FAMILY, HOMO-SAPIENS!

We have tried so much to hate our own kind. We placed barriers, and short sighted ourselves, only to be able to label ourselves. And these labels are making us kill and fight against each other.

Day and night, young men and women are getting killed by their own kind.  Lugubrious cries are all that we hear.

Dancing to the rhythm of the gunshots is all that brings a smile unto your face. How would you feel seeing your loved ones being used as human targets.

So many will read this and just ignore it. But I tell you one thing there is no deeper wound in life than that , which love builds deep down within your heart. It goes deeper and once it’s heeled nobody is able to erase its scars.

All I want is seeing my heart covered in scars, but only scars from your love. It is never to late to make a change.  If you can’t learn from the past, run from it.

We are the world.
We are the ones to make a better place, so let’s start giving. LOVE is all I got and it’s all I want to give. Please you to do the same.

Peace and Love


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