Golden Black

deep down in the cotton field,
Lugubrious cries, lost souls, new lives
peregrinated one by one.
born in cotton, died in cotton
but our Melanin still REIGNS

Hard to think of where we came from
and where we are.

LIFE was hard that time, but trust me
it will never get any easier
Lets RISE UP. you and me

It’s time we start using what we have
not to depend on anyone
but ourselves.

Combative demeanor was never a part of us
they taught us to be like that,
the more we reproduced, the more they separated families
by trashing them in human zoos
or in the cotton field

the more i look back at this
the more i learn how Golden our melanin is
neither did the exorbitant summer heat
or slavery change who we are

we bathed  discrimination,
slept under slavery
and i say that now its not the right time
to fail facing the reality

our minerals are taken day and night to the outside world
but there is one thing they will never get

Its by time we start using it to build our  Africa
Golden black is the new us,
and the Golden melanin is what makes us who we are!
Black skin white souls!

Written By : Darchy Arts


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