The Apple Of My Life

sweet is thy name of the Holy Lamb
if i had to write a love story, i wouldn’t go further
talking about you and me is enough

you lived a rueful life yet you are God
your seed was thrown into the wilderness
and sprouted from a manger
truly you are the light

the light that gives life
and the light that will never run out
whats the use of lighting a candle in a city full off bulbs?
the answer to this makes me say that
you alone, you are God

you know everything that has not been known to thee who claim to know it all.
for your light to be seen you chose to be born from the wilderness
deep down in a manger
that day your light sparkled brighter than the glorious sun,
the stars from the East to West,North to South still heralds your gargantuan glorious light! How Great is you Lord God!!!

plant that light into me
let me be that luscious fruit you cherish,
not because that fruit was covered by the finest soil
but because it sprouted from the wilderness
but still manages to look way more luscious than honey

let me be that fruit that will only be found in the wilderness
only to give people hope for a better future comforting them that whether
rich or poor, happy or sad, there is still a God
one GOD
and that’s you my Lord

Written By: Darchy Arts