A Gift Of Grace

its another day
It’s a brand new day a day for both me and you
To live and proclaim God’s glorious love

I am a boy who is teenage , not a normal boy
But a Prince to the God of peace.
Its easy for me to boast about my God the creator of Earth
But I still find it too hard to use my talents for his glory
Only due to the society

Now what is the society
The society is a place which will make you who you are not
We all here have ever posted “ Be the real you, not who the society wants you to be”
Yet we still depend on the society

How shameful is it to give a gift to the person you cherish most
and later you realize that he trashed your gift that instant
Without even opening it

Now imagine how sad God feels when he sees you not using your talent
I too I am not using it properly
But God forgive me for today onward am about to make a change
Help me seek you only
not the attention from the society

Let your GRACE flow on us
Bcz then, those who believe in you will be transformed

Short Poem written by : Darchy arts
All Thanx to Grace R. for the Inspiration


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