Wonder Forest- Wonder Mind

What was believed to be a sinister turned out to be auspicious
its hard to tell whether it was a dream or reality
my mind went all puzzled up in a jiffy
welcoming me into the wonder forest

in a creepy kind of way this was meant to be a poem
looks like its diverging into a fairy-tale story.
is this due to the fact that am the most felicitous
or just my wonder Mind at work?

I know i am  germane to Zeus
me and him are cognate
his voice rises from the ocean depth
fills the atmosphere,
but am the only one who is tormented by it!

the more his voice bulges from the ocean shores
the more i dwindle towards the earth’s crust.
the more i begged for his mercy
the more of a chimera he turned me into
seriously! Are we Cognate now?

let me leave my wonder life
Am sorry i cant be like Hercules
But i promise you my Sweet words will be used
to make some people Over joyed


Written By: Darchy Arts


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